I am a wife and mother of four, proprietor of Hop and Howl, a freelance producer, and a photographer. I began capturing people in my early tween years for 4-H (shout out to the Fancy Farmers) and for families I was babysitting for. I never thought, "Yes! I want to be a photographer!" Photography for me then and now is a means to connect with people on an intimate level.

Capturing fleeting moments and growing children, giving you a piece of you and your loved ones that you can look back fondly on. To remember those tiny little hands of your first born and how they held so tightly onto your finger. Seeing your partner hold your child and remembering just how little they once were. To have a memory captured with your parent or grandparent and having it be your last...this is what I want to give you. Tiny moments, millliseconds...captured, kept, and treasured for years to come.