How do I book you for our wedding?

Please send me an inquiry through my connection page and I will set up a time to chat with you via phone and get to know more about you and your wedding photography needs.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! If it were polite to add ten exclamation points I would! My passport is ready and I love an adventure and capturing couples in places that are special to them. I have photographed in Sweden, France, and Mexico.

Do you photograph ‘all’ weddings?

YES! How you and your partner define yourselves and your relationship is between you! I am just here to document, support, and share in your love.

Our family is growing! Do you photograph newborns?

Congratulations! I certainly do and LOVE doing it. Plan on your newborn session taking place in your home, unless you prefer my studio space. Newborn sessions are on your baby’s time and needs. I do not want you to stress out. I can make pretty images around the newborn chaos that takes over our homes. I work around your baby’s needs, that means feed your baby, change your baby, comfort your baby as needed, I am not on a time constraint during these sessions. I know how precious these first few weeks are, I am here to support you as parents. Sessions for newborns ideally happen within the first few weeks of birth, BUT I know that sometimes parents need more time, baby could have a longer hospital stay, etc… I am flexible and will work with you based on your schedule needs.

How do family sessions work?

Quickly! Ha! Depending on the age of your children I do move quick! I am a mother of five and have worked on commercial photoshoots as a child wrangler (aka getting emotions out of children that are organic and fun). I know that children of all ages typically do not want to spend an hour or more taking photos. I usually start with group photos when children are the most willing and work our way into natural reactions and fun group activities that provide me with good opportunities to capture their natural smiles and personalities. When you invest in a session with me it isn’t based on how much time it takes, but how many years it has taken me to perfect my craft of being able to make this as painless as possible for you!